Upper Teeth Clear Retainer cost $200.00

Lower Teeth Clear Retainer cost $200.00

Upper and Lower Teeth Clear Retainers $400.00

Bleaching Trays $420.00


Fill out the below link to schedule your 3D scan in office appointment for replacement clear retainers


Arrive at your appointment. Make your retainer payment with our front office staff and get your teeth scanned for your replacement retainers.


Our experienced lab makes your new retainer and will have it ready at the front desk to pick up in 3 business days or sooner.


We are practicing orthodontists in Las Vegas for the past 30 years.  Our retainers and bleaching trays are made under the direction of orthodontic lab technicians who are in office with a licensed orthodontist. With our combined experience, your retainer will be made with exceptional quality by skilled technicians.


Our low prices save you hundreds of dollars over the traditional cost of a replacement or backup retainers compared to other orthodontists in town. This is possible because we are providing the service directly to you.


LasVegasRetainers.com and LasVegasBraces.com uses Invisacryl Ultra (BPA Free) material for fit, clarity, stain resistance, and maximum durability. As a result, you receive a high quality custom retainer for a lower cost compared to other local orthodontists.


You will receive in office attention without the office visit additional fees.  A quick appointment by a trained orthodontic assistant to scan your teeth with our 3D scanner takes less than 5 minutes.  If you are worried about any type of movement you can also be seen by our in office orthodontist for a free quote about going back into braces or Invisalign to correct minor movement that you may have noticed.


At LasVegasRetainers.com, we use state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced orthodontic technicians. This assures the product will fit perfectly. If you think your retainers are not fitting accurately, please call our Front office coordinator team at 702-256-7846. Our priority is your satisfaction.

Dental insurance does not allow orthodontists to bill for replacement retainers.
If you would like to self bill to your insurance policy you can reach out to your insurance company to inquire about sending in a claim for reimbursement to for your cost of replacement retainers.
We collect your cost at our office upfront and will not make retainers without payment in full to us.
We do not provide claim submittal support. The code you would fill out to self bill your dental insurance is.
• D8692—Replacement of Lost or Broken Retainer